Geek Speak: Retrevo's Guide to Speaking Consumer Electronics

Quick, you're shopping for a Blu-ray DVD player at your local electronics store and the sales associate starts speaking terms like "progressive scan, profile 2 and upconversion". You know they're speaking English but have no clue what they are talking about. What do you do?

Well don't worry because Retrevo is here to help. With technology changing so fast and new consumer electronics products seeming to hit stores daily it's very confusing and hard to keep up. Adding to the consumer confusion are the product brands who use their own unique terms (some call this "marketing-speak") to try and differentiate their products from competitors.

We're putting the consumer back into consumer electronics by describing those terms in a simple language anyone can understand. Print this guide and bring it with you on your next shopping trip and you'll be able to speak like a geek and shop like a pro!
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Happy Black Friday Season! :-) 

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