By Andrew Eisner

Great Gadget Gifts for Under $100
Unless you're part of the tiny fraction of consumers with money to burn, you're going to be watching every penny this holiday season. In case you do happen to have a few extra bucks after paying your rent and cable TV bill we put together a list of some inexpensive gift ideas for this year’s low key holiday season.

Why Move the Mass?
A video conference with someone living far away can be a very satisfying experience and save a lot of travel expenses too. The QuickCam Pro 9000 has a CarlZeiss lens with autofocus circuitry, great low light sensitivity, and a built in microphone with echo canceling so you don’t get a lot of feedback from your speakers. The QuickCam Communicate STX web cam lacks some of the quality of the Quickcam Pro 9000 but will only cost you about $49 at moment.

Bluetooth Headsets
In many states, the law requires drivers to make cell phone calls hands-free. The cheapest and most reliable hands-free device is the old corded headset. The coolest is a Bluetooth system built into your
car. The next best thing is a Bluetooth headset. The BlueAnt Z9i, which costs around $70 is light weight and easy to use. Plantronics Voyager 855 costs around $70 and can be used as a stereo headset. The stylish Plantronics Discovery 925 costs even less at around $65. The highly rated Aliph Jawbone II now costs around $85.

Power Strip and USB Charger
For $29.99, you can buy this handy power strip from Monster that provides 3 outlets and USB power for charging anything with a USB port. It could make for a good practical gift for travelers. Kensington has a similar product that sells for $24.99.

Blu-ray DVDs
Blu-ray players could become affordable this year and gifting a Blu-ray DVD like Iron Man could be just the excuse needed to take the Blu-ray plunge. You can buy the two disc Iron Man set for around $25. Iron Man reviews praise the stunning transfer quality with images that leap off the screen and amazing TrueHD audio including some spectacular room-shaking LFE (low frequency effects). Dark Knight is due out on December 9th. It will come in a special Bat Pod case, will feature TrueHD lossless audio, over three hours of extras and will cost around $50.

Solar or Hand Crank Powered Radio
For $29.95 you can buy the techie in your life this cool radio with cellphone charger and flashlight that works off the built-in rechargeable battery, solar power, or a hand crank. The Eton FR150 is available from REI among other places

Digital Photo Frames
The Matsunichi PF8e Photoblitz photo frame gets a couple of mixed reviews from users but the $56 price tag is right for an 8 inch, 800 x480 frame. The four year old Kodak EasyShare SV811, 8 inch photo frame gets generally good reviews and can be purchased for under $100 on amazon.com. The Pandigital 7.0 inch photo frame is a little smaller and lower resolution than the 8 inch frames but it gets good reviews and can be purchased on amazon.com for $90.84.

iPhone Power Packs
For about $50 you can buy an iPhone case that works for both 2G and 3G phones that includes a solar charger. They claim you can charge an iPhone in 3 hours. The iPower iPhone power pack provides 3 hours of iPhone power and includes speakers. You can buy it for around $49.

Don't Forget Gift Cards
Any obvious option for budget-minded gift givers; a $25 or $50 gift card can buy a lot of gadgets, gadget accessories, or add-ons. An iTunes gift card could make a great gift too.

Retrevo for Gadget Gifts
Whether you’re making a budget-friendly gift buying decision this holiday season or splurging on an HDTV, Retrevo has reviews and manuals for popular products like DigitalCameras, GPS, Camcorders, HDTV, and more.
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Love the blue tooth headset.

Love the blue tooth headset. Stylish indeed.