ipod engravingIpod Nano 8GB

Give your girlfriend or boyfriend an elegant piece of technology that plays mp3s and customize it to make it special.

Directly from the Apple Store, you can have some messages engraved on the back. Either write your own message or you can choose some of the pre-set messages. My favorite is the abcdefghijklmnopqrst  vwxyz MISSING U.

This will definitely surprise your significant other and when you tell them
“I love you” this present will magnify that meaning ten-fold (or more).



usbpoweradapterApple USB Power Adapter

An excellent add-on for your significant other’s ipod.

Usually ipod devices come with the USB cord only and you have to be connected to your computer to charge your device. But with this nifty adapter, you won’t have to have your computer on. Just plug it into the wall and insert your USB ipod charging cable and let it charge!

Any generic one will do as well!


Contour iSee case for iPod Nano


Let your special someone know that you care about her and her iPod's well being. 

This hardshelled case protects her ipod nano, while still making every aspect of the ipod nano visible 




Flip Video Mino Series flipmino

A remarkable pocket sized camcorder with a 1.5inch color LCD screen.

Records up to 60 minutes of video with 2x digital zoom.

Connects to your TV for instant viewing

Also available in HD (mino HD)

Great for recording special moments with your loved one, especially during the holiday season when you spend every single day with her/him. Right?


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