westinghouselcdWestinghouse LCM-22W2

If your teenage son stays in his room all day, chances are he is on his computer playing games, chatting with friends or surfing the web.

Even though you don’t see him out of his room that often, let him know you still think of him by getting him a 22” Westinghouse monitor that is easy on the eyes and is more energy efficient than the old bulky CRT monitors.

It is only $199 on Retrevo




geforceNVIDIA's GeForce 9800 GTX+

If the above assumption is correct, he would love to have an updated graphics card.

The popular 3D games that are out today are really lifelike and the in game “physics” of the strands of grass swaying, reflection of yourself when walking on the water, definitely suck up a lot of memory. An upgrade to his graphics card will quench all that power desired from the graphics engine.

This card offers a high def gaming experience and great for watching movies in HD.

Some notable games to get for Xmas: call of duty world at war, world of warcraft (if he doesn’t have it already)
Be sure to strike a deal with him and tell him to be good and do well in school. Or else, give him back his old graphics card.

Only for Desktop Computers with available PCI slot.

headsetlogitechLogitech Clearchat pro

Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear conversation and voice commands.

For the games that are voice enabled so your son can chat with other gamers telling them to defuse the bomb or take the lead instead of typing in the commands.

It’ll probably boost up his win ratio so he can focus on playing rather than typing commands to his team. Yes, he’ll love you for it.

Laser-tuned audio drivers: Advanced laser design technology maximizes acoustic performance.


wiiNintendo Wii

An innovative, revolutionary console by Nintendo.

If your son is always sitting in his chair and on the computer playing games, maybe a Wii can come to the rescue.

It is still a gaming console, but he can move around and interact with the game. Let’s take Wii Sports as an example. Your son can swing and move around as he plays Wii Tennis, or games like Wii Fit, where the game keeps track of your fitness routine. You can hula hoop, jog in place, and even do yoga (which really breaks a sweat!)

Who knows, you might see him outside of his room more often if you get some multiplayer games that the whole family can play

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Westinghouse? Once again brand recognition creates quality gaps

If your teenage son truly plays enough games to merit a new monitor, I'm sure he already knows enough about gaming hardware to realize that the Westinghouse posted is a pretty poor display for any kind of gaming. While the response time of 5ms is acceptable, the display is too dark (280 candela per metre squared when the standard is 300) and the contrast ratio WAY too low at 700:1. Sure it has speakers, but as with any small TV or monitor with speakers, they rarely have enough oomph to dissuade you from using your own speakers or headphones; and I'm pretty sure any respectable ignore-your-entire-family caliber gamer will have their own speakers or headphones already, so how about we trade out a low-level display with mediocre audio capability for a display with huge value and excellent specifications that make it ideal for gaming.

The ACER F-22 Ferrari 22" LCD HDMI HDCP-Compliant monitor is $219 on BUY.com with free shipping and boasts a standard 2ms response time (no Game Mode here, this puppy is always that fast) and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio that is all natural, foregoing the software-emulated Dynamic Contrast Ratio claim that most other displays post just to pad their specifications. These specs make this the unequivocal gaming monitor for less than $250 and a very impressive model for any monitor of this size. And most teenagers will find its sleek lines and minimal frame much more visual attractive than the tired and bulky Westinghouse.

Also, the fact that this monitor is certified HDCP-compliant as well as sports a D-SUB (VGA HD15), DVI, and HDMI port makes it compatible with the XBox 360, the PS3, and nearly any hi-def display source device on the market.

So honestly, show your gaming teenager that you respect their intelligence and acknowledge that they have discerning hardware tastes as well as show that mom and dad can be pretty tech-savvy sometimes and spend the extra $20 to give them a gaming display that will have them no-scoping n00bs in their sleep.

And if they still whine about speakers, the $80 Logitech X-540's offer a great bargain-priced entry-level 5.1 surround sound solution, while the BOSE Companion 2 Series II run an average of $100 and offer unparalleled value in sound quality for a compact 2-speaker stereo solution for devices with enough power and bass to make any gamer grin the first time they stick that plasma grenade up close and personal.