This is the way CES should be; no lines, no hassles, low prices, and new technology. The Digital Experience mini-trade show was packed with exhibitors and journalists. I'm at the Cntrstg blogging suite at the Wynn right now taking advantage of the WiFi, refreshments, and camaraderie.

I'll be reporting on all the cool stuff I run across at the show over the course of the next few days. Tonight I talked to the AstoundStereo people who will be selling some software to make iTunes on the Mac or Windows Media Player on a PC sound richer than normal. Samsung unveiled a new line of TVs today. In the every TV vendor has to have a a line with a name that ends in vowel or better yet "ia," Samsung's new line is called Luxia, and includes LCD TVs with LED backights and 240Hz refresh. TomTom unveiled their new "connected," GPS called the Go 740 Live which will cost $499 when it goes on sale this spring.

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