All around the country, busy UPS drivers are delivering Kindle 2s to anxious Kindle 2 owners. Generally, the reviews are positive (4 out 5 on amazon.com) and everyone agrees it's a great improvement over the previous version. It's been dissected and inspected by ifixit.com  who took one apart to see what makes it tick and discovered a 532Mhz ARM-11 processor which is faster than iPhone's 412MHz ARM processor. As this version helps establish the Kindle as a legitimate platform (it runs Java under Linux) we expect to see more discussions on how to get free content like books from places like FeedBooks.com  or Manybooks, free audiobooks from LibriVox, blogs from KindleFeeder.com and even how to make it do things Amazon didn't include or document like play Minesweeper by pressing shift-alt-m from the home screen.  Some interesting Kindle sites we ran across include The Kindle Chronicles and ireaderreview. We'll have a hands-on review as soon as our Kindle arrives.

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