I’ve been using Griffin Technology’s iTrip Auto Universal Plus transmitter and charger for a few weeks and can report back that this is a quality product and the best of the transmitters I have tried, and I have tried more than a few.

If you don’t have a tape player, aux jack, or iPod/iPhone connector on your car stereo you’re pretty much stuck with an FM transmitter. The problem has always been, these things are fussy and cumbersome but in many cases it’s the only way to get your MP3 player on the car audio system.

The iTrip Auto still leaves you with a cable that acts as an antenna sometimes dangling from the visor but between the auto-scan and quality transmitter, the audio quality is very good even in urban areas where open frequencies are harder to find.

One of the coolest features is the USB connector with a sexy ring of light around it that you can use to charge most USB devices. You can buy the iTrip Auto Universal Plus for around $49. Griffin also makes other versions just for iPod/iPhones.


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