Here's a list of some things you may not have known about gadgets and the environment.

  • 1. A stand-alone Sony Blu-ray DVD player uses a fraction of the energy of a Sony PlayStation 3 with built-in Blu-ray player.
  • 2. According to a study by NRDC most game consoles are left powered on when the TV is turned off and continue to use more than 100 watts.
  • 3. The Nintendo Wii uses a fraction of the power of other game consoles but the company comes in near last place on Greenpeace's list of green electronics companies.
  • 4. According to Energy Star, residential electricity use by consumer electronic products is responsible for approximately 15% of household electricity use.
  • 5. LCD TVs and laptops that use LED backlights use less energy and don't have mercury in their displays.

For more information about electronics and the environment check out Retrevo's Guide to Greener Living With Electronics.

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