By Andrew Eisner

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Just in Time for Mother’s Day

If you have never wanted to play a little joke on your mother-in-law then maybe this gift guide isn’t for you. On the other hand, if there has been no love lost in your relationship and you want to make your mother-in-law’s life as miserable as she’s made yours, here are a few ideas to satisfy that dark side and have a little fun in the process.

Complicated Universal Remote
No universal remote, that we’re aware of, configures itself but some of these devices can drive people crazy. One unit that comes up below average from Retrevo’s value and user sentiment ratings is the Philips SRU9600 which gets mixed reviews and costs just under $100. Some users complain about the ease-of-use on Sony RM-AX4000 which costs a little over $100. You can provide hours of frustration and misery for your mother in-law as she tries to configure or use one of the remotes.
Just About Any Wireless Router
Dump a wireless router in the lap of your mother in-law, tell her all about the joys of wireless computing and then split. Just don’t answer the phone for a few days while she tries to configure the router to get it to talk to the ten pound laptop you recommended she buy. The Linksys WRVS4400N gets below average sentiment ratings along with the Netgear WNR854T. Save those phone messages too! They may provide hours of entertainment enjoyment to you and all your friends.
GPS Devices Guaranteed to Get Your Mother-in-Law Lost
Whether it’s a small handheld GPS or one on the car dashboard, GPS devices are supposed to make it easy to enter destinations and then get to them. The Magellan Triton 1500 and Alpine PMD-B200 show up on the bottom of Retrevo’s list for good value and ratings. So when your mother in-law complains about the GPS you bought her, just say, “I’ve never had any trouble using my GPS.”
Cameras That Takes Blurry Pictures
Buying a digital camera that takes lousy pictures may be harder than you think. Most cameras are idiot proof and some of the better cameras with image stabilization and face technology make it downright hard to take a bad picture. So providing your mother in-law with an idiot-proof product that can make her feel like an idiot is priceless. Retrevo can recommend a couple of real bargains in the extreme low-end camera category that will most likely take a less than perfect picture. The Argus DC1512 barely has enough mega pixels to be called a camera and can be purchased for under $30 while the Micro Innovations 3120 costs even less at $10.80 and also gets low ratings.
Cheap MP3 Player
Your mother-in-law won’t be the envy of her bridge club with these low-end MP3 players and they probably won’t sound that great either. The Coby MP-C756 MP3 player barely has enough memory to hold a few songs and doesn’t get the greatest ratings while the Nextar MA933A holds even fewer songs than the Coby and gets low marks for the display quality. One reviewer notes that the font was “too small for older eyes.” Perfect!
Now Seriously Folks. . .
We all know you would never do anything like this to your poor old mother-in-law so just in case you want to get yourself or someone you love the best values in gadgets or gear, you can find reviews and manuals for all popular electronics like GPS, HDTV, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, and more on Retrevo.com
. . .And Some "Real" Gift Ideas
Digital Photo Frames
Get a digital photo frame and load them up with pictures of you and the kids
Flip Mino Camcorder
Just about any of these would make a great Mother's Day gift
Photo Printers
The newest photo printers are fast and inexpensive
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