By Andrew Eisner

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Wedding bells are beginning to ring, prospective newlyweds are filling out gift registries, and shoppers are deciding what to buy the happy couple for their wedding gift. Have you ever wondered how an electronics product would be received as a gift? Retrevo’s latest Gadgetology study asked consumers how they felt about giving and receiving a high tech product like a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, or other electronics gear as wedding gifts or other occasions. The response was overwhelming positive.
People who enjoy giving and receiving a high tech product as a wedding gift or other occasions.
Both men and women in the study listed a camcorder on the top of the list. It would only seem natural that something to document the family history from the honeymoon through grandchildren would be a popular gift. Digital cameras came in a close second. Surprisingly one gadget came in dead last and you can learn what it is here.
Big Disconnect Between Givers and Receivers
The Gadgetology study also revealed a major disconnect between gift givers and gift recipients. It turns out that most gift givers don't think anyone would even want to receive a high tech gift. Supporting that finding is the fact that most people have never even given a high tech item as a gift. Someone needs to tell gift givers that most people would enthusiastically welcome a camera, laptop, MP3 player, or even an HDTV set as a gift for most occasions.
Have you ever given an electronic product as a wedding gift to a friend or family member?
If you were hypothetically getting marrierd this year, which of the following would you like as a wedding gift?
Consumer Electronics (like cameras, MP3 players, TV's, laptops) 52%
Large Home Furnishing (like a couch or dining room set) 14%
Kitchen Appliances (like blenders, grinders, or toasters) 7%
Kitchen Hardware (like dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans ) 7%
Small Home Furnishings (like lamps, rugs, in tables, bedding 8%
Other 12%
Some Occasions Are Better Than Others
The safest occasion for gadget gifts is birthdays, with almost 80% indicating a gadget would be just fine. High tech wedding gifts are also a safe bet with close to 70% of both men and women saying they’d be happy with camcorder or some other electronics. The reaction to gadgets as Valentine’s Day gifts was less enthusiastic but even so, more than 50% of women said an electronics product would be okay.
How to Choose the Right Gadget Gift
Now that you know that it’s okay to give someone a high tech gift the only problem is figuring out what to buy. That’s where Retrevo comes in with advice and suggestions making the process of selecting the right gadget like a digital camera, camcorder, or laptop simple and fun.
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