Now that all that analog TV bandwidth has been freed up we can't wait to start seeing all the new services taking advantage of it. One service that has been waiting in the wings is FLO TV also known as MediaFLO. It's a broadcast system the uses some of the UHF spectrum to send video and other data to mobile (and stationary devices). In other words, it can broadcast TV to your cell phone without using the cellular networks. For that reason we'll probably only see it in cities but the video is high quality and it is less susceptible to interruptions. This technology has been around for a while. Many countries have their own version like Europe's DVB-H. Verizon and AT&T are expected to start expanding the service to many major metropolitan areas across the country.

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Your article on Free Digital TV on the Retrevo site

Good article, like others I have read along these lines. Some people still don't know you can get HD over the air. However, every writer fails to talk about the issue of signal reception. Just because you got a channel in Analog, doesn't mean you'll get it in Digital, and as you know, that means "no signal". I live in a major market (Dallas) and always received NBC with geat clarity until the digital switchover. Now, I seldom get NBC. Too bad this issue was not thought through before the change. And, it's not my antenna. It's most likely "multi-pathing" caused by buildings that were previously not a factor for analog TV. There's no good solution except to purchase cable or satellite.