By Jennifer Jacobson

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Millions of Reviews Summarized into 140 Characters

Looking for an easy way to research electronics on the go? Meet RetrevoQ, the consumer electronics shopping service that uses Twitter to put buying information in the palm of your hand. Designed for busy people, RetrevoQ tells you whether or not an electronics product is a good buy, and how much you can expect to pay for it. This is perfect for those times when you’re in an electronics store armed with only your cell phone and a barrage of electronic gadgets staring you in the face. Simply Tweet “@RetrevoQ” and the product make and model and RetrevoQ will automatically @Reply a buying recommendation and price range to you.

RetrevoQ is far more than meets the eye. While answers to your product questions may be summed up into 140 characters, Retrevo’s A.I. system has had to go through 50 million data points from across the web to bring it to you. That’s right, the same powerful backend that supports Retrevo.com is also supporting RetrevoQ.

Retrevo also makes it easy to have fun with your product questions. For example, if you want an out-of-this world experience, you can ask for your RetrevoQ answer in Vulcan. Tweet “@RetrevoQ Vulcan” and the product make and model. Your response will automatically be sent to you in Vulcan which is great for those of you who are of the more “olozhikaik” persuasion.

Get started with RetrevoQ today!
1. From you cellphone, Tweet:
“@retrevoq” a space and the product make and model

Example: @retrevoq Nikon D60
2. Check your Twitter @replies
3. RetrevoQ automatically replies with a recommendation and price range:
"Nikon D60 : Strong Buy if you want older high end , $395.00 - $496.95"
4. If you want to have more fun with RetrevoQ you can get responses in Vulcan, Upside Down, and Hexadecimal by prefacing your make and model with:
@retrevoq Vulcan Garmin 770
“Garmin 770 in vulcan : Mahr-tor k'yuzhat kuv du yeht aitlu se , $379.99 - $699.00”

@retrevoq upsidedown Garmin 770
“Garmin 770 in upsideDown : ʇı ʇuɐʍ ʎʃʃɐǝɹ noʎ ɟı uoıʇnɐɔ ɥʇıʍ ʎnq , $379.99 - $699.00”

@retrevoq hex Nikon D200
“Nikon D200 in hex: 5354524f4e47 425559 4946 594f55 57414e54 4f4c444552 48494748 454e44, $869.00 -

What are you waiting for? Try the service right now at
Don’t miss a single article from Retrevo. Subscribe to our RSS Feed.
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