By Andrew Eisner

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We Give You a Whole New Retrevo
Retrevo takes its job of helping consumers buy and use the right electronics products seriously. Our team of computer scientists, artificial intelligence experts, web experts, editorial experts, and the whole Retrevo gang of passionate gadget enthusiasts has been working away on “Retrevolution,” for over six months and are pleased to announce the grand opening of a brand new Retrevo. The popular site has been upgraded and improved to make the whole process of buying and using electronics simple and fun.

Retrevo’s new kind of marketplace uses artificial intelligence to analyze and visually summarize more than 50 million real-time data points from the Web to give you the most comprehensive, unbiased, up-to-date product information ever available in one place on the Internet.

Enjoy Browsing For the Latest Shiny Gear
You can browse by categories, such as televisions, digital cameras, laptops, receivers, and GPS units, or by usage and need, such as cameras for taking pictures at parties, or LCD TVs for small rooms.

Once inside a category, the Retrevo Marketplace instantly generates an easy-to-read, interactive Value Map, which compares all of the products in that category based on each product’s features, function and quality relative to its price. In other words, best bang for the buck.

Hang Out With Other Gadget Enthusiasts and Superstars
Another highlight of the new Retrevo is its community where shoppers can connect with fellow consumer electronics buyers and enthusiasts. Retrevo Friends & Fans is a place where users exchange views about their favorite electronics such as cameras and TVs, as well as activities and events related to electronics.

Passionate Voices features exclusive blog posts about electronics from passionate electronics users and celebrities such as NBA player Robin Lopez of the Phoenix Suns, New York Times camera columnist Jeff Wignall, as well as Retrevo members and others.

Avoid Buying the Wrong Electronics Product
A detailed product fact sheet includes a unique “real-time” review that reflects daily changes to product evaluations including:
• Lifecycle – whether it’s a new product or soon to be obsolete product.

• Buzz – the level of interest and discussion about the product around the Web.

• Value – whether the product is a good, okay, or poor value for its current price.

• Sentiment – every review on the web weighted and aggregated into one recommendation.
Get the Best Deals, Scientifically Analyzed
When you’re ready to buy, the Retrevo Marketplace Daily Deal points out special offers on a product that are lower than the average selling price. Meanwhile, the Prices section of the Retrevo Marketplace lists every e-tailer on the web, their rating, and their best price for a selected product.
Take Our Expert Shopping Companion to the Store
Retrevo’s powerful recommendation engine can distill a whole lot of product information into a 140 character “tweet.” With Retrevo’s new mobile companion you just send a twitter message to @RetrevoQ with a product name and model and get back a buying recommendation and price. For example send @retrevoq nikon d60 and get back Nikon D60 Strong Buy if you want high end, $395-$497.
Once You Try It, You’ll See Why So Many Shoppers Like It
Retrevo loves gadgets and wants to make your experience buying and using electronics simple and fun. Use the new Retrevo to learn what gadgets to buy, when to buy them, and where to get the best deals. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.
Wishing you happy gadget’ing,
The Retrevo Gang
Don’t miss a single article from Retrevo. Subscribe to our RSS Feed.
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