By Andrew Eisner

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Film cameras are fading fast. High resolution digital cameras come in all shapes and sizes. The latest features like face technology make it difficult to take a bad picture. Affordable digital photo frames and color inkjet printers make handling and displaying digital images easy and inexpensive. The only hitch is that decent cameras are starting to show up in cell phones and camcorders but that’s okay because many cameras now take videos. Here are the essentials for selecting a digital camera to match your needs. Check out Retrevo’s brand new catalogs for detailed buying advice on all popular electronics categories.
Types of Cameras
Compact, Point and Shoot Cameras
Very versatile, small, light, less expensive but limited optical zoom range.

Ultra-zoom or Super-zoom
Long zooms but bigger and bulkier than point and shoot cameras

Interchangeable lenses, fast startup, short shutter lag, larger sensors but big, heavy, and expensive

Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds
Smaller and lighter than DSLRs, can use older lenses with special adaptor but smaller sensors can mean more noise in image, and need special lenses or adaptors

Features That Matter
6 – 12 MP (megapixels) should work for most people

Lens zoom
3X or 4X optical zoom is good for non-SLRs

Image stabilization
Avoid digital-only stabilization, optical and mechanical are best

Storage media
Expect to buy a bigger memory card

Face Detection
Good to have, very common in point and shooters

Burst Mode
Nice feature but not essential

Shouldn’t be a concern unless you want HDMI for your HDTV set

Video is good to have, the more frames per second, higher resolution, and longer videos the better

Something to look for in future cameras for geo-tagging (where picture was taken) photos

More Details in Retrevo’s Brand New Catalogs
For more details on types of cameras, features, prices, reviews and manuals visit Retrevo’s new Digital Camera Catalog. You might want to also check out other popular catalogs for HDTV and Laptops.
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