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HD Zune
The HD Zune was announced last week and now we get pricing and availability information that says the 16GB model will go for $220 and the 32GB one for $290. Both are due to go on sale September 8th.
Nikon Coolpix With Projector
Nikon announced a 12.1 MP Coolpix S1000pj that includes a built-in projector. It’s due to go on sale in September and is reported to cost $429.
Apple Tablet
Lots of speculation about a November launch (remember Apple pulled out of Macworld Expo) of a tablet that some people think will be called the Apple iPad. A price of $700 – 800 is being tossed around.
Toshiba mini NB205-N311W Netbook
This $399 netbook from Toshiba has been getting favorable reviews and lots of tweets. It has a big keyboard (not so big tab key), big touchpad, and long battery life.
Logitech Harmony 900
The successor to the popular Harmony One remote is out and selling for $400. It has two cool new features; a charging cradle and an RF to IR converter so you can control IR controlled devices that are behind a door.
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