Is Apple Making a Huge Mistake?

    The kids are headed back to college, but with fewer Macs.

A recent survey from consumer electronics website Retrevo says that 49% of students plan to buy Windows laptops and 34% want netbooks. Only 17% said they would buy Macs.

What happened, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)? Last March, a Morgan Stanley study found that 40% of college students planned to buy a Mac. Sure, these are different surveys from different providers with different methodologies, but the gulf is enough to suggest there's been movement in market sentiment. What gives?

Retrevo's answer is, not surprisingly, the economy. Kids or their parents aren't willing to pay $1,000 for a new Mac when they can get a comparable PC from Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) or Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) for much less. Or better still, a netbook for as little as $200. Click Here to read more.