Apple Floats, but Will It Fly?


Despite an overall market dive -- and despite a slew of new product releases -- Apple stock is at about the same position it was a year ago. That's not bad, considering the circumstances, but will the company deliver anything before the end of the year that sends its value flying, even in a recession?

No Money No Mac

Apple is also lagging on the sales front. At its second-quarter earnings call in July, COO Tim Cook warned that demand has fallen in the education markets this year and expressed doubt that things would turn around in the third quarter.

That statement was bolstered by the results of a survey of more than 300 visitors to consumer electronics marketplace Retrevo's Web site. The study, conducted by Gadgetology, found that 34 percent of students buying computers plan to purchase netbooks, while another 49 percent plan to buy desktop PCs. Click Here to read more.