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Exclusive: Craig Newmark of Craigslist.org
The Founder of Craigslist.org, Craig Newmark takes time to chat with Retrevo's "Show Us Your Gear" about the gadgets that help him blog, work, and make the world a better place. Learn about Craig's Kindle, the wildlife he photographs, and his thoughts on the evolution of modern communication and social activism.

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Craig Newmark's Gadget List

Niko P80


"It's a point & click with a good zoom. I use it to photograph the birds and other parts of Newmark's Wild Kingdom."


Lumix DMC FX55


"It has a 10X zoom and frequently you wnat that zoom capability."



Aluratech 163


"I listen to public radio in other cities like here it's KQED or KALW.
On the East Coast it's WAMU Washingotn, or WNYC, New York."

Kindle 2


“Sense I read a great deal, I have a Kindle 2. I love books, but I think we need to get away from paper."

Thinkpad X340


"When I'm doing customer service, I have a lot of screen and I need that realestate. I'm very fond of the trackpoints on the Thinkpad."


Samsung NC10


“It's something I can just grab and carry in my bag."



MSI X340


“I've ordered an MSI X34. I'll check it out, and see if if that's going to replace the netbooks and notebooks I'm using now."





“I, like so many folks, have an iPhone. It's genuinely innovative, but they use AT&T. I also have to reset my iPhone, more than I thought I'd have to."

Nokia N81


"I'm experimenting with a Nokia phone. I't pretty good."


Google Android G1



Highlights of Craig Newmark's

iPhone Apps



Public Radio Player





"It's the only one that's currently on the market."








"I use iBird to identify the birds of Newmark's Wild Kingodm"





"With the hills around here, I don't get terrestrial radio."





"For presentations I use this for valueable accentuating effects like wah, wah, wah, waaaaah...."

Celebrity Gadgets
Miley Cyrus
uses the
LG Voyager
Barack Obama
uses the
Blackberry 8830
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