Best SLR cameras on a point and shoot budget

Want to take pictures like the pros but don't have a few thousand dollars to spend? There are SLR cameras with most of features that the big boys have. You just have to know what to look for. Here are a some alternatives that come close including products like Nikon cameras and Olympus cameras.

  1. The Nikon D80 with a lens will cost you a little over $1000 but you'll get a 10.2 MP SLR that's one step from what the pros use.
  2. The Canon Digital Rebel Xti is a 10.1 MP SLR that sells for around $750. It's still one of the favorite SLRs among hobbyists and serious amateur photographers.
  3. Another 10 MP camera that gets high marks from experts and users is the $750 Olympus EVOLT E-510.
  4. One more 10 MP camera that gets good reviews for ease of use and offers some high end features is the $750 Sony DSLR-A100.

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