Cameras only a pro can afford

Digital SLRs can cost over $5,000. What kind of camera do you get for that kind of money that you don't get in your average camera? For one thing, a whole lot of megapixels and super quick shots. Want to see which cameras the pros are using? Retrevo lists top of the line SLR cameras based on features, reviews, and prices. The list includes products like Canon cameras and Nikon cameras.

  1. The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II is a 16.7 MP SLR that sells for around $5,000.
    You can start shooting pictures in a fraction of a second from startup and you can use all your EF lenses
  2. If 16.7 MP won't cut it than go for the latest Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III. You'll get a whopping 21 MP in an SLR that can shoot 5 fps up to 56 frames. At that rate you'll fill up memory cards fast.
  3. Leica has always been known for the best lenses and precision cameras. The high quality of the Leica M8 10.3 MP camera will set you back a substantial $4,000 but just think of all this Leica lenses you can buy.
  4. Selling for around a mere $3500, the Nikon D2X is a worthy competitor to the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. It can also shoot 5fps however only at a measly 12.4 MP. Users rave about this camera.

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