LCD HDTV for under $1,000

Don't expect to get a 50 inch 1080p full HDTV for under $1,000 but what you can get is a perfectly adequate, highly rated 37 inch or larger LCD TV. With the only 1080p programming coming from DVDs while everything else is 1080i or 720p, you can save a lot of money if you're willing to forego 1080p. Retrevo lists some high value TVs like Syntax Olevia LCD TVs and Sharp LCD TVs.

The Syntax Olevia 542i is a 100 pound, 42 inch LCD TV that runs 720p and 1080i programming which is all that is broadcast these days anyway.

The Sharp Aquos LC-37D42U is a 37 inch that gets good reviews. You won't be able to get full 1080p from your Blu-Ray player but for a little under $1,000 you get a good quality HDTV.

The Toshiba 37HL66 is another decent 37 inch that runs 720p HDTV. It gets mostly positive reviews and will cost you a little under $1,000

Sony commands a premium price for most of their products but has a 32 inch LCD for under $1,000. The Sony KDL-V32XBR2 gets high ratings and as usual it's "Sony no baloney."

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