Funniest GPS User Reviews

GPS devices are selling like hot cakes this holiday season but some GPS reviews are not all that rosy. In fact, Retrevo found some real clunkers in the GPS reviews and ratings department. Complaints included display readability, reliability, customer service, usability, accuracy, speed, and overall value. Retrevo’s new value map for GPS can help spot the winners and losers in GPS values. Here’s a list of some of the lower rated GPS devices:


Cobra GPS500

  The Cobra GPS500 gets an average user rating of one star on amazon.com and four out of ten on cnet.com. Users were “disappointed,” saying that, “accuracy was way off,” and this GPS was “totally useless for use in the woods.” Although, one user found it useful in the woods for fending off a skunk by throwing it at it. The good news is you can get it pretty cheap on clearance. We wonder why.  

Mio 269

  While the newer Mio 230 is getting positive reviews, users were disappointed by the Mio 269. Reviews on epinions.com averaged three out of five with users registering complaints about speed. One user noted the feature where the Mio 269 stopped working “at the most inconvenient times.” Hard to beat that one.  

DeLorme LT-20

  If accuracy is important to you, you might want to avoid the DeLorme LT-20. PC Magazine, giving it 2.5 out of 5 said, “…GPS inaccuracy caused numerous routing errors when used for navigation…” One user was sent on an excursion down non-existent neighborhood streets.  
Audiovox NVX226
  The Audiovox NVX226 did so poorly in a laptopmag.com review, having frozen three times, that it was considered, “overpriced at half that amount.” Amazon users awarded this GPS two out of five stars, echoing the laptopmag.com reviewer saying, “if you paid more than $10 for this, you were ripped off like I was.”  


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