Gadget Gifts Not to Buy Your Mom

Either she’ll hate them or she’ll make your life a tech support nightmare but here are some products you might want to avoid this Mother’s Day.

Non-Apple MP3 player
Even though there are some good alternatives to Apple iPod like Microsoft’s Zune and Sandisks Sansa e260, Apple has such a huge mindshare and cool products we say get Mom a nice colored shuffle, or Nano and throw in an engraved message while you’re at it.

Microsoft Zune
Sandisk Sansa e260
Microsoft Zune Sandisk Sansa e260

PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
We know you may want to get one for Mom and use it yourself but we’re not aware of too many games geared for Moms. If there’s already a game console in the house a copy of Halo 3 or Madden NFL 08 for Mom might not go over so big either. On the other hand we bet Mom might have fun jamming with the family on Rock Band or playing a Sci Fi role playing game like Mass Effect. The Nintendo Wii could also be a Mom-friendly game, good for the whole family.

Complicated Universal Remote Controls

Philips SRU9600
  An easy to use remote control might seem like a good gadget gift for Mom but you need to be careful that you pick one that excels in the ease of use category. A couple units that come up below average for value and user sentiment include Philips SRU9600 which gets mixed reviews and costs just under $100. Some users complain about the ease-of-use on Sony RM-AX4000 which costs a little over $100.  
Sony RM-AX4000
Philips SRU9600     Sony RM-AX4000

Rear Projection TV
Aside from the fact that Rear projection TVs are on the way out while flat panel TVs sales, including LCD TVs and Plasma TVs, are growing fast, we think most Moms would much rather see a space-saving flat panel hanging from the wall rather than a bulky RPTV taking up space in the living room.

Poorly Rated Digital Photo Frame
Digital Photo Frames are all the rage and can be great Mother's Day gifts. You can load one up with pictures and send it to Mom who then just plugs it in and places it on the mantle. There are some very good frames for sale and some with lower ratings. The Polaroid CPA-00711S was the lowest rated frame on Consumer Reports and the Coby DP562 also gets low marks from users.

Coby DP562
Polaroid CPA-00711S Coby DP562

Big Bulky GPS or Digital Camera
We’re the first ones to recommend you buy Mom a compact GPS or small, point and shoot camera but we don’t think she’d be happy with a big bulky camera like the FujiFilm Finepix S3100 or GPS like the Lowrance iWay 500C. We would however recommend something compact and light like the brand new Garmin nuvi 260 GPS or the Canon Powershot SD1000 which weighs a mere 4.4 oz.

Fujifilm Finepix S3100
Lowrance iWay 500C
FujiFilm Finepix S3100 Lowrance iWay 500C

For more great Mother's Day gadget gift ideas check out the special reports on Retrevo. Don't forget you can find all kinds of gadget help including manuals and reviews for most popular consumer electronics products.

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