Gifts for Professional Dads

These Dads might already have a good collection of gadgets but there’s always room for more cool gear that will enhance your Dad’s digital lifestyle.

Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Apple Macbook Air   Here's a wild suggestion; buy your father a new Apple Macbook Air. This super svelte laptop is so thin it fits inside a manila envelope yet it still boasts a full size keyboard and 13.3 inch LED backlight display. You can buy one for Dad for $1799.

Digital Photo Frames
In the briefcase, on the bureau, or on the desk at the office, digital picture frames are starting to replace the old wood and glass picture frames. You can buy an 8 inch frame or even a smaller one to take on the road for under $200. The Pandigital DPF802 is an 8 inch 800 x 600 photo frame that gets good ratings and sells for around $150. The Kodak SV811 is a similar frame that sells for a little over $100 but gets some mixed reviews. The Westinghouse DPF 0561 is a smaller 5.6 inch photo frame that can be purchased for around $80. For the ultimate in portability load up a keychain photo frame with some pictures of the family and gift it to Dad. The Tao 1.4 inch Digital Picture Keychain holds 56 photos and costs $29. It has a rechargeable battery.

Pandigital DPF802
Kodak SV811
Westinghouse DPF 0561
Tao Digital Picture Keychain
Pandigital DPF802 Kodak SV811 Westinghouse DPF 0561 Tao 1.4 inch Digital Picture Keychain

For the frequent flier Dad, a noise canceling headphone is always an appreciated gift. Put one of these headphones on and the roar of the jet engines vanishes, replaced by the soothing music from your MP3 player. The Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones get good ratings from users and experts. They're light and small and aren’t cheap at around $350. Sony's MDR-NC500D are even more expensive at around $400. Sennheiser makes the popular Sennheiser PXC-300 which sells for around $200.

Bose QuietComfort 3
Sony MDR-NC500D
Sennheiser PXC-300
Bose QuietComfort 3 Sony MDR-NC500D Sennheiser PXC-300

Electronic Books
If your Dad likes to read books, newspapers, magazines, or online articles one of the latest electronic books might make a great gift. Two popular readers using electronic paper are Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader. The Sony Reader PRS 505 can be purchased for around $300. The Kindle which includes high speed 3G internet access for downloading books and browsing the web sells for $399. The Kindle has received mixed reviews due to some ergonomic issues but gets many rave reviews as a groundbreaking product. Books cost more to purchase on the Sony reader and you have to go through a computer connected to the internet to download them but the Sony gets good marks for style and usability.

Sony PRS-505
Amazon Kindle
Sony Reader PRS 505 Amazon Kindle

Other Father Types
Okay so your father isn’t a sophisticated, socialite, intellectual type. That’s cool. For other personality type fathers check out our other Father’s Day gadget gift guides for Outdoor Dads, Indoor Dads, and Nerd Dads.

Also don’t forget to use Retrevo next time you need any information about a gadget you want to buy or need to use. Retrevo has manuals and reviews for all popular gadgets and gear like HDTV, GPS, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, and more.

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