Retrevo’s Guide to High Tech Barbecue Gadgets

By Andrew Eisner

Summertime and the gadgets are easy. The barbecue season is in full swing and we thought you’d like to see some of Retrevo’s picks for cool barbecue gadgets.

Branding and Barbecues

We’re not talking about brands like Weber or Big Green Egg. This is a home version of the cattle ranchers branding iron. If personalizing your steak with your own custom brand sounds appealing then check out the Monogrammed Barbecue Branding iron for around $60.

Tumbling Steaks

Reveo MariVac Marinader   How about a high tech tumbler for marinating things before you put them on the grill. Reveo (not Retrevo) MariVac Food Tumbler Marinader goes round and round to make things taste better for $199. ($150 on amazon.)

Barbecue Light (not lite)

Outset Magnetic Light   For barbecuing after dark you might want to spend $14.94 on the Outset magnetic light that has 3 bright LEDS and holds fast to your grill with a strong magnet.

High Tech Thermometers

A good thermometer should be part of every serious grill master’s tool kit. The Bonjour laser thermometer uses infrared light to measure the surface temperature of a pan or grill. It includes a probe thermometer for measuring meat temperatures. It costs around $80.

The Thermapen digital, instant-read thermometer costs around $90 and was Cook’s Illustrated top rated thermometer. It’s noted for its super fast response and small probe tip.

You can buy a thermometer from Williams-Sonoma that has a voice alert to tell you when your meat is done. It also has a timer and costs $29.95.


Bonjour Laser Thermometer
Williams-Sonoma Thermometer
Bonjour Laser Thermometer Thermapen Williams-Sonoma Thermometer

Grill Recommendations

Here are few of Retrevo’s top picks for grills:
The Weber Genesis E-320 is a nice looking gas grill that is built to last with porcelain coated grates and a 10 year warranty on the 3 stainless steel burners. It comes with one side burner and costs around $700.. If you don’t need a side burner, you can get the Weber Genesis E-310 for around $600? The Weber Performer sells for around $350 and has a great feature; you start the charcoal with a propane gas burner and once the charcoal is lit you turn off the gas and start grilling. The Brinkmann 810 costs around $200 and gets good reviews and a “Best Buy,” from Consumer Reports.

Weber Genesis E-320
Weber Genesis E-310
Weber Performer
Brinkmann 810
Weber Genesis E-320 Weber Genesis E-310 Weber Performer Brinkmann 810

Portable Green Grill

makes a very cool, or should we say hot, portable grill that burns a small hardwood cube in an enclosed space and uses forced air to produce a very high heat in minutes. The unit weighs about 15 lb is safe and efficient to use.

Summertime Gadgets and Retrevo

Whether you’re looking to buy or use a gadget this summer or anytime of the year, Retrevo has everything you need to know about gadgets in one convenient place. We have manuals and reviews for all the latest consumer electronics products like GPS, Digital Cameras, Cell Phones, HDTV, and more.


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