Early Adopter Newborns: Ten New Gadgets for Baby

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Oh how far we’ve come from those scratchy walkie-talkie baby monitors and TV-sized humidifiers. Just like everything else, today’s baby gear is going high-tech. Here’s a look at some innovative products that recently hit the market for parents and babies:

BebeSounds Heart Listener

It’s good to talk to your baby even when he or she is still in the womb. With Bebesounds’ monitor, you can have a two-way conversation.

The included speakers let you hear your baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups. The microphone lets you project your voice or music—sixty-minute Mozart CD also included—into the womb

You can even record and e-mail your child’s heartbeat—just in case the grandparents want an early start listening to your forthcoming bundle of joy. Cost: $20.


How much alcohol is too much for baby? With Milkscreen, you can test the alcohol level of your breast milk in two minutes by just smearing a little on an easy-to-use test strip.

If the strip doesn’t change color, you’re good to nurse. If it does change color, get a bottle—for baby, not for you. Cost: $10 for box of three strips; $20 for box of eight.

NextStep Intelligent 5600

This is definitely the next step in baby monitors.

A 5.6-inch screen lets you see—not just hear—your baby in another room. The wireless camera can be tilted or swiveled with a remote control, and comes equipped with a motion sensor and even night vision capabilities.

Have more than one child? Add a second camera and switch between them with the remote control. When you’re not watching your sleeping kids, you can even plug in a camera or DVD player and watch a movie. Cost: $240.

Fisher-Price Ready2Wear Monitor

If you don’t want a big-screen monitor, how about a wristwatch-sized one?

Strap the monitor on your wrist or arm and stay connected to your sleeping child whatever you’re doing. Like a cordless phone, it comes with a charger/docking station and a paging button to help you find it when it’s missing. Cost: $50.

NasalClear Nasal Aspirator

Yes, now even booger-suckers have gone high-tech. NasalClear is a battery operated, advanced version of those traditional bulb-style aspirators.

It comes with two different silicon tips (for different levels of congestion and nose sizes) and a clear plastic collection cup (so you can see what gets sucked out).

While you’re extracting, it’s distracting, playing twelve different tunes to get your baby’s attention. Best yet, it’s dishwasher safe. Cost:$20.

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