Black Friday Predictions

Black Friday 2008 Predictions

By Andrew Eisner

Even Better Than Last Year
Last year’s Black Friday saw shoppers lining up in the wee hours of the night for a chance to buy a $119 TomTomGPS or a $220 Toshiba laptop. This year we asked a famous gadget fortune teller to predict what to expect for Black Friday 2008. Here’s the story as it actually happened to me:

The Madame Knows All
I was heading south on 101 about to turn off the Fair Oaks exit in Sunnyvale, CA, on my way to visit the famous fortune teller Madame Retrevodamus, prognosticator of all things digital. I was hoping to get a glimpse of Black Friday 2008.

The musty smell of old velvet furniture mingled with flower fragrances and the soft glow of LCD screens. The Madame welcomed me and invited me to join her as she peered into her special LED backlit crystal ball.

“I see the whole USA reaching digital TV happiness. This will require change and possibly new gear and new gadgets,” the Madame proclaimed. “You mean, I may need to buy a new TV, I replied?” The Madame sighed and said, “Dahling, zee channel is full and zee wallets are empty, this will create a perfect storm around HDTV sales this Black Friday, you could see some incredible deals.”

The Year of the TV Deal  
I could barely contain my excitement. “Will there be LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, what screen sizes and how much will they cost?” The Madame squinted into her glowing orb and said, “I see 50 inch Plasmas for under $800, 42, 46, and 47 inch LCD TVs for $600 – $800. If you are content with 720p sets from smaller name brands, the prices will be very, very low.” she added, “but dahling, if you miss buying an HDTV set on Friday, don’t worry. Last year the TV deals just kept getting better and better right up to the big day.”

“Ah Madame Retrevodamus,” I exclaimed, “what else does the future hold for gadgets and gizmos?” The Madame shifted from side to side, looked at me with her dark penetrating gaze and whispered, “Digital Photo Frames and Laptops will be totally the rage but I see one product group that is very hazy and may or may not be a big winner this year, and this is Blu-ray players.”


Get Framed This Year
“Yes,” I said, everyone is wondering if Blu-ray players will break the $200 price point and will it even matter?” Of course, the wise and all-knowing Madame Retrevodamus had some insight into the whole Blu-ray mess, I mean, situation. “You will see very cheap Blu-ray players but they will all be the older Profile 1.1 models that do not support BD Live. At the same time there is much HD content available on cable, satellite, and over the internet that is satisfying viewers’ appetite for high definition content and may affect Blu-ray sales”

The Madame closed her eyes and appeared to be entering a trance when she suddenly awoke and provided this final insight. “Teeny, weeny, laptops are very practical and make great travel companions. Black Friday may reveal Netbooks with long battery life in the $200 range and bigger 15 inch laptops may break the $300 mark. Digital Photo Frames will be the biggest hit this year,” added the Madame, “they are very personal and very cheap, you can’t go wrong!” I could see the Madame needed a rest so I quietly made my way out.

Some Real Examples  

Sears started their Black Friday season by announcing deals on a bunch of things:

The Pandigital 3.5 in Digital Photo Frame, a good quality frame on the small size (good for a desktop) normally sells for $59.00 will be selling for $29.99 on Black Friday.

The Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray player will be selling for $199.00 on Black Friday but as the Madame mentioned you don’t get Profile 2.0 (BD Live)

Sears lists a Vizio 42” 1080p LCD TV with 120Hz refresh for $999 on Black Friday. Good specs and a good size for most rooms.


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