Top Rated Converter Boxes

Top Rated Converter Boxes
Retrevo Recommends These Converter Boxes

There are well over a hundred converter boxes to choose from (probably all manufactured by handful of companies). These are fairly simple devices so there should not be a lot of difference among them and reports from publications like Consumer Reports bears that out. However reviews and forums indicate a few standouts. Here’s the list:

Zenith DTT901 and the identical Insignia NS-DXA1-APT get high marks from users and reviewers. The Zenith sells at Circuit City, Kmart, and Radio Shack and costs around $50. The Insignia can be found at Best Buy for $59. Both units have analog pass-through for those in areas (mostly rural) served by low power stations that are not required to switch to digital

The Channel Master CM-7000 gets high marks for picture quality. It's one of the few boxes that have an S-video output but doesn’t offer analog pass-through. It costs around $80.

The Zinwell ZAT-970A is getting good marks from users who like the fact that it can be programmed to turn on and off and change channels for consumers using old analog VCRs to record different channels. It can be found online at sites like www.solidsignal.com and www.watchdigitaltv.com.

The RCA DTA800 gets high marks for its remote with big buttons and good video quality. It is compatible with the new Smart Antennas.

The Dish Network TR-40 CRA gets praised for its electronic programming guide(EPG) which displays several days of programming.

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