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Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange Program*
I have an extra coupon I'd like to donate
  • Provide your email address**
  • Provide zip code if you’re willing to have someone pick up the coupon
  • We will introduce you via email to someone who needs a coupon
  • The two of you can make arrangements to exchange the coupon i.e. mail or pickup.
Don’t donate your coupon if:
• You have already used it – coupons can only be used once
• It has expired or close to expiring – they are only valid for 90 days (see “Valid Thru” date on coupon)
*No buying or selling of coupons allowed. Two coupons per household (i.e., residential address)
is the legal maximum regardless of the source which the coupons are obtained.
**We will only share your email address with person selected to receive your coupon



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2 coupons to give

Let me know if you can use 2 coupons...willing to mail them.

2 Coupons to donate

I have 2 coupons -- to donate, they expire: 4/28/09


coupons offered

I have two coupons that are valid thru June 1, 2009. I am willing to mail them to someone.

DTV Converter box coupons

I have two extra coupons to offer to someone in need.

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dtv boxes

MIke, my mother in law has applied several times for these coupons and they were never recieved yet the gov says they were sent out, so if u still have them i'd like to get them from you and pass them along to her...she has 2 tvs and refuses to get cable...thank you for reading and responding

DTV coupons

I can use them, need them badly! Email me please if you still have them.

Digital TV Coupons

I have two coupons to offer to someone in need.

DTV coupons

I can use them, need them badly! Email me please if you still have them.


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I have used the coupon, and have a convertor box that I would like to donate

Converter box

I'm trying to help a disabled person they could use it.
Thank you,