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I need a DTV converter box coupon
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is the legal maximum regardless of the source which the coupons are obtained.
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In need of 2 coupons please

I have a friend that has been incarcerated so I am taking in her 2 children. One is 14 and the other is a 17. The 17 year old takes on-line college courses and requires the need to have access to the local public television station for some of her courses. The 14 year old will have his own room and wants the use of a television. T.V. is a basic in any home, while not a necessity, it's just something that might make him a little happier while waiting for his mother to come home. Please if you have 2 coupons, I could really use them.
Thank You

DTV Coupon Needed

I found my coupon had an expiration date on it. I've been told that some are left that are good until November 9, 2009. As a critically ill heart patient I would sure appreciate it if someone in the Dallas Texas aread has one they aren't going to use. Thanks.

Digital Box Converter Coupon

I am in need of a coupon for an elderly couple. Please help if you can. They have two old tv sets that they cannot use at this time without the converter box.

Thank you.


Need a converter box coupon

My parents are elderly and they just cut off their cable because they can no longer afford it. They need a converter box. Can you please donate a coupon or converter box? Thank you so much for your generosity.

need coupon for son in military

Please help - my son is in the military and at one time they had cable tv. His wife is expecting and they had to cut expenses. They are young kids only 19 and 20 so thinking ahead is not something they do! I went to the site to apply for a coupon but found out the deadline was two days ago...they have one tv. He is in San Diego - I can foward the coupon to him. Please if anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

Need copon

Please help! I need 2 unused coupons but one will do just fine if that is all you have. I cant afford to buy a converter box at this time so a coupon would be a big appreciated help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and as always god bless America. You can email me at godblessamerica4e@gmail.com

DTV Coupon

I am in need of only one coupon.



I smell a rat !! Given all the comments here from those who legitimately appied for coupons, including myself, and never received them, I think it's time for our illustrious government to investigate who's scammin' the system. How convenient !! The government pays millions of dollars to some outsourced vendor to produce and distribute these cards and then simply forgets about it. What checks and balances were in place to assure the vendor did there job instead of just pocketing a major portion of the money. Also, I'm cynical enough to suspect that there may be a cottage industry that has evolved within the postal service to rip off scads of cards (the envelopes are containing them are easily identifiable) and sell them on a black market. There are simple FAR TOO MANY of the same story--applied for the cards, but never got them--for there not to be some corruption involved !


Please help a single mom w/2 kids!

I too applied a long time ago when the coupons were not in "demand" they say I got the 2 coupons and I don't have them. My 4 year old loves to watch his morning cartoons on the weekends and my daughter who is 14 does a lot of her school work based on the local news stations. We can not be w/out tv! Not only will I lose my mind (because of the 4 yr old) but it's not fair on the kids! Please if anyone has pref 2 coupons or coupon codes you are not using, contact me at mamasgirl6994@bellsouth.net thank you! Yvette

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I need a cupson

Same story as many others. Applied and never received the actually coupon and when I inquired about the coupon, I was told that it had expired. What? Please help if you have an extra coupon.


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Please help a single mom w/2 kids!

I too applied a long time ago when the coupons were not in "demand" they say I got the 2 coupons and I don't have them. My 4 year old loves to watch his morning cartoons on the weekends and my daughter who is 14 does a lot of her school work based on the local news stations. We can not be w/out tv! Not only will I lose my mind (because of the 4 yr old) but it's not fair on the kids! Please if anyone has pref 2 coupons or coupon codes you are not using, contact me at mamasgirl6994@bellsouth.net thank you! Yvette

Desperately Need a Coupon

I placed this add for my 80 year old Mom who lives alone and does not have cable. I put in for the coupon but they had already started the waiting list. I cannot find anyone with a coupon and I desperately need to get her a box. I have health issues as well so am not able to get out much to help. My mom cannot drive and is in poor health. The only distraction she has is TV and they have already switched to digital. Please help if you have a coupon or no someone who does. Thank You

converter box coupon - expiration date !!!

Put an expiration date on the converter box coupon !!!
WHO'S IDEA WAS THAT ? In a word, R I D I C U L O U S...

Needing a Coupon

Hello All!
I am needing 1 or 2 coupons if at all possible. Received the coupons before the device came out. Have to wonder about our government. Was definitely NOT intelligent to put expiration dates on something that was not even available to the public, then when it was, the coupon was already expired. I appreciate any and all help. Needing a box for the office as we definitely do not have cable. Thanks to all! :)

Digital converter box

FYI compusa.com has the converter box on sale for .01c with coupon I need a coupon if anyone has one

Seeking a coupon (1 or 2)

I applied and recieved 2 coupons, however when I was ready to purchase my converter box the coupons had expired.
If anyone has an extra coupon (1 or 2) they do not need, I thought I'd post it on the Good Neighbor/KSPR information & resource blog. It would assist me in obtaining my converter box for the transfere.
Thank you!

Expiration Date?

What ? Is our government that cheap, to put expiration dates on something that could or should have been done in a lot of cases 6+ years ago when digital tv was was coming out the door of success. C'mon whats the deal. With all the other bull in the government. Whats next a bail out plan for DTV ? OMG Please! Then Obama wants to delay the process costing the tv stations billions more in coming months keeping analog alive for the extra time. The goverment needs to come good on this deal. I can't see with the cheap junk boxes that the fcc approved for transition, why the coupon did or will not pay for the whole cost of these $3.00 converters anyway! For example the skid loads at Walmart that in some cases don't even work out of the box. The push for flat panels too so fast. Its sad charge $500 or more for a generic 32" Lcd. That might only last a year and have only half the quality of Pc monitor ? I know 2 people that bought lcd's at xmas 2008 and the boxes didnt even have power cord included in the boxes. Now either someone was in a great deal of a hurry to ship them or cut costs and did not pack them. You would not believe the number of returns at Walmart its unreal? I know this because I have friends that work there. It's sad. DTV is and Awesome thing, but with the junk they are passing at us is sick.

converter boxes

Sounds like I'm not the only one who thinks this converter box program was a debacle. I applied and received the rebate early on, only to wait and wait for the boxes to be in stock. On the last day before the cards expired I went to a much more expensive retailer that had inventory to redeem the coupons, but their computer system wouldn't accept the card. The cashier said that they had been having problems with the cards not going through. Anyways, now that I don't have the rebates I see the lower priced converters everywhere, it seems.

Nonexistent Coupons

Same story as many other people here, applied when the first wave of coupons was announced, but the boxes were not in stock. Tried to reapply, and was told no. Finally got reapplied, never received coupons that were allegedly sent.

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DTV coupons

I applied for coupons twice. The first time, ( in Sept. 08), I checked on-line only to find that my number for the coupon had expired...but I never received the coupon. The second time was Nov. 08, I have not heard anything and can't get any information on-line. I have been waiting patiently, but the coupon has never come.

In Alameda

TV Coupons

When I first applied for the coupons, I received them. But nobody in my area had boxes in stock. Then, when they did start receiving them, they were always out of stock. Coupons expired and could not get a replacement. I was told I could have a relative apply who did not need one. Got another set. Bought the boxes at Walmart, they did not work. Wrong kind of chip in them for my area the tv station said. Returned them, but you don't get the coupon back. TV station was warning people not to buy those boxes because of so many complaints. Told me to contact the program. They told me to have another relative who didn't need the coupon apply. That was in July of 08. To this date no coupon. They insist they were mailed out. We never received them, so I'm beginning to believe the stuff about certain PO workers not delivering them. September 08, my neighbor applied, they never received theirs, but the program insists they were mailed out. Surely they have a way of tracking where they go?

I applied for our two

I applied for our two coupons before they even started mailing them out, but the coupons never arrived. Even though the Web site shows that they expired unused, they refuse to replace them.

DTV Coupons

It's funny how you apply for them yet you never get them BUT the website says they were sent out an you cant replace them. Whats funny is i think its due to dishonest people working in the postal service. Where else can you get 40.00 X 2 an then sell them on E Bay or to someone on the street an not risk getting caught. It's free money in there book with no risk..There been a few arrests of postal workers doing just that..Makes ya wonder

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How unfair!

I was in denial. No excuses, I guess. I just couldn't believe that the government would force low-income retirees into buying boxes for tvs. I purchased both my tvs at yard sales for $5 apiece. The idea of paying $50 or $60 to make them work is absurd. I hope someone can help.

Some address won't work

I tried to apply for a coupon prior to the date the program ran out of funds, but I don't have a regular address that the system accept. I get all my mail either General Delivery or using a c/o address. I clicked the "appeal" button, but never headr back, probably because a few days later the program was out of funds. I understand why they have it set up that way. I guess people could get more coupons than allowed. If I use the physical address of a friend who already got coupons. I wouldn't be able to get any -- If I use c/o at the same address (which works for my regurlar mail), the system won't accept it. If you rent a room in a house, and it doesn't have a separate mailing address, such as "? and 1/2", you won't be able to get coupons. A PO Box costs more that a converter box.

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Expired Coupons

I applied for and received two government coupons. I didn't realize there was an expiration date and now they have expired.

Expired Coupons

By the time I went to buy the boxes the date expired. I did not know they had a date on them. Can they be extended like the President is extending the change over? All I need is one Coupon.

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