What Is TrevolysisTM ?

TrevolysisTM is the patent pending real-time analysis and summarization of all the facts and sentiments of products to help you make buying decisions quickly and confidently.

You see, we are constantly confronted with new products, innovations, complex features, changing price points, and expert and user viewpoints that you need to be an expert to understand. For example, there are more than a thousand camera models available for purchase, tens of thousands of prices available from online stores, more than a hundred thousand feature values, and more than a hundred thousand experts and users reviewing these cameras. It is hard to figure out “what to buy”. Why? Well, which products have leading edge features, middle-of-the-road features or features that will make them obsolete by the time you buy them? Which products are good values? Which products are favored by experts and users alike? What do you do when a product is too new to have a critical mass of reviews to help you make a decision? What do you do when reviews are too old for a product to be relevant in this fast changing world of consumer electronics? You can search and find lots of information and opinions but you still need to figure out what’s important, relevant, truthful and timely. Not an easy task and one that is much harder if you don’t know much about the product in the first place. There’s nothing that gives you a comprehensive, objective, and real-time bottom line summary about products so you can make a buying decision quickly and confidently.

How Does TrevolysisTM Help You?

TrevolysisTM was developed to present consumers with the most comprehensive, objective, and real-time summary of product information available today. TrevolysisTM uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze features, prices, and sentiments (from both experts and users on the web) for every product in a given category. The result is a visual and/or textual map that indicates the relative value of “interesting” products to help you decide “what to buy” and “what not to buy”. When you visit a category page on Retrevo, you are presented with a snapshot for every product that matches your “interest” criteria (with a default “interest” criteria pre-selected) with the following four summary elements:

  • Product Class: Is the product at the low-end, mid-range or high-end in its category?
  • Feature Assessment: How does this product’s feature set compare to every other product in its category and Product Class? You don’t want to be taken by surprise by a soon-to-be-obsolete product. The result is one of the three values, (i) below-average feature set, (ii) average feature set and (iii) better than average feature set in its category and Product Class.
  • Value Rating: Is this product selling at a discount to its fair value? A product with “thumbs up” is a bargain. The one with “sideways thumb” is fairly priced and the one with “thumbs down” is highly priced for what it delivers. As new products are introduced or the current price of existing products changes, the value rating of each product in its category is recomputed so you always have the real-time value assessment of the product in question.

Tip: The above summary elements are also presented crisply on a graph for you to quickly spot the products that are good values, products that have leading edge feature set and products that might soon get obsolete.

  • Community Sentiment Rating: Is this product favored by the experts and users? Hundreds of thousands of expert and user reviews from thousands of sources are analyzed and the overall sentiment is computed for you to quickly learn if a given product is liked or disliked by the community. Aggregating from multiple sources neutralizes bias that may occur in some reviews or sites. Generally, the sentiment reflects the satisfaction, reliability and post-purchase experience of the community. Community sentiment can be “thumbs up”, “sideways thumb” or “thumbs down”.

In the absence of explicit input from the user, a default “interest” criteria is used that presents products ordered by good Value and positive Community Sentiment ratings. You can input your “interest” criteria to filter the number of products to review. Products are presented with a crisp summary in a filmstrip that you can quickly browse through to identify the one you would like to buy. Generally, a product with a good Value Rating and a good Community Sentiment Rating is a good buy. If one of these ratings is middle-of-the-road or down, other factors such as brand preference, style, leading-edge feature set or a specific feature could influence your decision to buy a given product. Otherwise, you are better off changing the parameters of your “interest” criteria to find products with better Value and/or Community Sentiment ratings.

What is the Secret Sauce Behind TrevolysisTM?

The basis of TrevolysisTM is the analysis of all the feature values, prices and sentiments of all products in a given category. It is based on years of research in pattern recognition combining advanced methods in multivariate Bayesian decision theory, supervised machine learning and mark-to-model valuation techniques. We first determine the price-feature position of each product by analyzing hundreds of thousands of product features (e.g., viewfinder type for a digital camera) and current prices. The result of this analysis is a crisp visual presentation and/or textual summarization of a product on a product snapshot or a category map along price-feature axis. The distribution of all normalized product feature values is further analyzed to identify clusters of products with common features forming the basis for the Product Class summary.

We then determine the fair value of each product based on its feature set and our proprietary mark-to-model valuation technique. A Value Rating is computed for each product that reflects the deviation of current price of that product from its fair value. Since the market conditions change on a daily basis and new products with new features are introduced frequently, a product’s fair value and Value Rating assessment also changes constantly. This analysis is completely algorithmic and automated. It aims to provide a holistic and objective fact-based product evaluation. The time when the latest analysis was performed is displayed along with the summary. Users can therefore always get the real-time value assessment of a product.

While the fact-based summary provides a very objective assessment of products based on current market conditions, qualitative information associated with the brand and user/expert opinions play a very important role in users’ buying decisions. We scour the web for expert and user opinions for a given product and analyze them for sentiment for that product. A single Community Sentiment Rating is computed for a product based on a weighted combination of the expert and user opinions for that product. The weighting is computed using a set of proprietary and automated mathematical formulae that not only weights each opinion but also weights the domain of the web site containing the review based on the variation of all (and category-specific) product ratings found associated with that domain. Our analysis is based on over a million expert and user opinions on the web. The Sentiment Rating for a product is displayed along with the total number of user and expert opinions that it was computed from.

TrevolysisTM provides the industry’s first comprehensive yet simple to understand summary of a product’s facts and sentiments. It is the first of its kind presentation of fact-based Value Rating that combined with a qualitative Community Sentiment Rating provides a powerful product assessment tool for shopping.


TrevolysisTM is completely algorithmic and results are objective, unbiased and non-editorial. Sometimes, we may not do the best job because of software bugs, quality of data analyzed or lag in data processing. Please use your best judgment while using TrevolysisTM to make product purchase decisions. If you are a manufacturer and have issues with the assessment of your product, please register your objection here.