Today we announced our second version to the Retrevo Product Advisor. You can see the press release here. This is a major update to both the user experience as well as our product catalog back end processing. We've added user-friendly quick lists and filtering options and we've also updated our product catalog and have been adding more products and categories in preparation of this holiday shopping season. 

There was a ton of work done by our development team to make this release happen and they never cease to amaze me with what they can do and how fast they can get things done. While users can only see the visual improvements the back end improvements are actually more comprehensive and complex. Without a solid back end such a simple user experience would not be possible. What I wish you all could see is all the brainstorming and planning meetings at Retrevo where everyone is passionate and dedicated to providing the best user experience. And I don't just mean us product and marketing people or the CEO but all the software engineers and even operations people (yes, OPS! :-) care deeply about the experience users have when they come to Retrevo.com. Where many companies will always look for the easiest to engineer solution, our team will work even harder and longer if it makes the experience for YOU better and something you will remember and tell your friends.

You see, while more established companies can spend lots of marketing and advertising dollars to get the word out about there products, Retrevo is still just a small startup without the luxury of a big marketing budget - or any marketing budget for that matter (Vipin is very, very tight with money for marketing :-). So we focus our energies and budget on making great products and hope that you are so wow'd that you tell your friends and so on. So one day I hope to have more marketing dollars but even then we will still focus on providing the best experience to you for everything around consumer electronics. In the end isn't all about the product anyway?

So if you've not already seen the new Product Advisor, go to our home page here and click any of the categories. 

OH!  And if you're looking for Black Friday deals make sure you check out our Black Friday deals blog and sign up to receive our Black Friday strategy guide that tells you what the deals are compared to the duds. You can find it here. 

We hope you like the improvements!


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