Meet Retrevo
Retrevo is one of the world's largest consumer electronics shopping and review sites, where consumers can discover, learn about, and ultimately buy gadgets and gear. Retrevo is part of the Shopzilla, Inc. portfolio of shopping websites.
Welcome to Our World
Retrevo welcomes more than 6 million gadget enthusiasts a month to our site for unbiased buying advice and a marketplace with trusted merchants, low prices, and high quality products. Visitors not only find shopping advice with us, but a library of over 100,000 manuals, available to download for free.
Who and Where
We’re a team of passionate gadget experts, scientists, programmers, merchandisers, entrepreneurs and customer service specialists who believe consumers want to buy the best products at the lowest prices.
Retrevo Wants You
We partner with brands and retailers in a number of ways.


If you would like to list your products on Retrevo, you can do so by creating a Shopzilla Merchant Account.


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