Is search going to become the primary interface of choice for a consumer's online experience? What do consumers expect when they "search"? Do consumers need something beyond search for serious online purchases and services? These are some of the questions that we raised (and still grapple with) when we started Retrevo. Yes, we targeted a market that was big. We targeted a market that was undergoing a major transformation with analog to digital conversion, convergence of media and content portability. We targeted a market where rate of change is high and we targeted a market where complexity led to consumer frustration day in and day out and we launched our first product as a vertical search product. However, traditional search is only as good as the person typing a query. And traditionally search has been associated with an atomic operation, a very specific web site you are looking for, a specific person you are searching, a specific research question you need an answer.At Retrevo, webelieve that this search experience is poor. And when it comes to online commerce, the traditional search experience is frustrating around consumer electronics. Pull some numbers from Google and your jaws drop :-). But I digress.There was no better alternative to Google, sowe developed a product that naturally segmented information to help a user consume various information elements to make a purchase decision and then support these products. And we don't just provide raw data but synthesize this information to make it meaninful. Is this search or is this an information service? There was an article published by Alex Iskold on readwriteweb about Retrevo here. Worth a read. Do you think what we have today is adequate for your consumer electronics needs and use cases? We don't think so. We are only scratching the surface. Our goal is to *really* make your life not only painless but enjoyable around your hi-tech environment. We would like to get your thoughts on what you think is broken around your consumer electronics needs, your search experience and such. BTW, Scoble posted the video he shot at Retrevo a few weeks ago.I wrote about that visit from Scoble here. Enjoy!

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