With only a few days leftuntil we spring ahead the clocks,the buzz meter is really starting to move. I've been reading a lot of the news and blog postings and they really run the gamut from mini-Y2K to "no big deal." ZDNet just posted something on how much money it's going to cost IT departments and compares that with how much we're going to save in energy costs. They come up with some figures that make it look like a loser for the conservation team. Personally, I don't understand why the application, OS, and CE gear developershaven't programmed their products more defensively.Thiswill not be the first change in date why couldn't the date be programmable? Oh well...don't forget, retrevo will show you the exact page in the manual to set the time on most of your high-tech gear and gadgets. Enjoy the extra daylight and turnoff those unused lights.

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