This week the folks over at woot.com get hopped up on caffeine, take an interest in health, and avenge their evil electric company (while keepin it green). Plus, they unearth the ultimate gamers MILF.

Helpful wooter Dutchater posted a link to a flash demo of the Gourmet Coffee Cafe Single Serving Coffeemaker with Free Coffee and reminded us that $19 definitely beats a 70-dollar senseo. (Obviously 6425 people agreed, and scooped up the product).

(drum roll please) This weeks big winner isthe Excalibur Dynamo Radio Flashlight. It only took 9 hours to sell out of these suckers, confirming that the fear of a blackout is only matched by the deep, deep hatred of an unreliable electric company. Oh, and it uses LED light (which may soon be replacing fluorescents), so you can save the planet while stickin it to the man.

Thanks to Woots sale of the Earcheck Middle Ear Monitor, 2,733 people are no longer wondering if their ear gunk is cause for concern. The device analyzes sound waves sent into the ear canal, and with two to a pack, maybe you can use one on your dog, mindovermaster.

Even Moms are getting into gadgets. Stepfordwife steps out of her comfort zone and admits her ignorance, all in the name of Gamester Race Pac Racing Wheel w/Seat and Pedals. If shed throw down $29.99 to satisfy the gaming needs of 9-year old Timmy, imagine what shed do for you

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