This week the folks over at woot travel by land and sea, winning points from perverts and divers alike, and answer the age old question how much dust could a roomba dust if a roomba could dust dust? Plus, a wooter reminds us that pink is for pansies, but people who carry black laundry markers are pansies posing as real men. Oh yeh, and I find a way to reference a Mike Myers film. Sweeeet.
Life can be a drag. Your job, kids, a wife. Face it. If it werent for happy hour, life wouldnt be worth living. After years in the same small suburb, you know the roads like the back of your hand, and can drive them 8-beers deep. What you cant do, is park in the garage while under the influence. (Your minivans got the dents to prove it). Until now

The BOA 9150T Garage Laser Parking Sensor activates upon entry and indicates the cars position. Woot user wondercat scooped up the 5th and last one, which is a shame, since I had plans for the BOA 9150T. Big plans. Now my dream of having sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads will remain unrealized.
DECO StingRay Water Scooter
It's the DECO StingRay Water Scooter. In less then 20 minutes all 107 of these bad boys were sold. It comes with many extras, including a pump, silicone ring, and lubricant. Pool party at wooter benkowskis crib!
iRobot Roomba
The iRobot Roomba is a controversial cleaner. Does it dust enough? Does it dust too much? Does it need a dusting partner or can it dust alone? Can it handle dingle fringe and pet hair? No really, Im asking, because the wooters who commented on this product cant agree on any answers. Either way, 1957 shoppers were willing to chance it, picking up the product for $139.99 each.
Designer Vision 512MB MP3 Player ?? 2 Pack
Designer Vision 512MB MP3 Player 2 Pack.
Yes, its pink. And thanks to drunk (or medicated, or both) wooter Ralphk917, we now know that, with a little help from a black laundry pen, we can get the same thrill from rocking a black-covered pink Mp3 as we do from wearing ladies underwear under a pin stripe suite. Although the 3211 wooters who bought this product might argue otherwise.

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The Roomba rocks. I think this thing may have changed my life. It may have been the first time I was able to get my guy to vacuum. I'm dead seroius.

If I could afford it, I would have one in every room. My only issue with it is the small storage area. I would love for them to invent a larger capacity dust holder that sits on top or something - for when I don't need the small size functionality.

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