An article in EETimes reports that Japan Broadcasting Corporation has being showing what could be the next generation of high resolution broadcasting. They're are calling itSuper Hi-Vision. The new 8K by 4K or 7680 x 4320 resolution is 16 times higher than the current 2K by 1K or 1902 x 1080. The problem is that HDTV just doesn't cut it at screen sizes larger than 65 inches so all those 100 inch TVs going into homes around the world will soon be able "to give the viewer a strong sensation of reality," according to the EETimes article. Adding to that sensation will be a 22.2 mulichannel sound system. The good news is,you can still go out and buy that HDTV set today. They're saying that based on a 30 year development cycle for a broadcasting system,Super Hi-Vizshouldbe ready in time for the 2025 Consumer Electronics Show, if there still is one by then.

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