High Tech Extras for College Kids
Now that you've equipped all the students in your life with computers and cell phones you might want to consider one of these useful gadgets to round out the collection.
USB Flash Drive
A USB flash drive is a cheap and practical way to back up, copy, or move files. You can save an important file and keep it some place safe in case your laptop breaks or is lost or stolen. You can take files to another location for printing or you can move large photos from one machine to another. 1 GB drives are under $20 and 4 GB drives will cost you around $50. The latest flash drive dealsare updated regularlyon retrevo.
External Hard Drive
External USB hard drives cost a little over $100 and can back up most hard drives. Many come with back up software but at the very least you can drag documents, music, and photos over to the external drive which can be stashed away where no one can make off with it. Find the lastest USB hard drive dealson retrevo.
Many new notebooks like the many from Sony and of course new Macs have built in cameras and microphones. For those without those features, webcams with built in mics or included headsets can turn your computer into a video phone. Add free software like Sightspeed or Skype and you can talk and see the kids for free. The latest webcam reviews are listed on the site.
Voice Recorder
Sure there's the iPod as the standard student personal accessory but if you want to record anything from a microphone you have to buy an add-on like the Belkin TuneTalk. A voice recorder can come in very handy for any student looking to capture a lecture or something else. There are some very inexpensive MP3 players that will record many hours of voice much cheaper than an iPod. Use this link for the latest MP3 player reviews.
Second Monitor
LCD monitors in large widescreen formats can be bought for under $200. Plug one into any notebook and you instantly become more productive. Keep your email or a browser open on one screen and type away at a term paper on the other and youll look and feel like a real power user. You can find the latest monitor deals and monitor reviewson retrevo.com
Noise canceling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 3 can help increase concentration while allowing you to listen to your own music at lower volumes. These things are also great in airplanes or other noisy environments.
Graphing Calculator
Texas Instruments is still the dominant player in the graphing calculator department with their TI-83 and newer TI-84 series calculators.
A portable GPS device can mean your kid never ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They're good for hikes too. For runners there's the Garmin Forerunner 205 which tells your computer how you did. Click herefor GPS reviews .
Radar Detector
Not that you want to encourage anyone to break the law but a good radar detector can save you from the expense of getting caught in the local speed trap.
HDTV Tuner Cards
For about $150 you can get an internal PCI card or external USB version of a tuner card that will turn your notebook or desktop into an HDTV display providing you can get a signal over the air or on a cable. You can get more HDTV tuner info on retrevo.

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