This week the folks at woot display their insecurities, do some digital downsizing, and get hot and heavy over a workout accessory.
Apple 20GB iPod by HP
While insecure image-conscious consumers' eyes dilate at the easter-egg colors and teeny tiny screens of the new ipods, wooters are keeping it real, and paying $99.99 for a refurbished Apple 20GB iPod by HP. Wooter Fredboy bought the 1900th (and last) one.
Belkin TuneSync Dock and 5-Port USB Hub
As nice as it is to line up your white ipod, white speaker dock, white macbook, white headphones, and white usb and marvel at the awesome matchosity of it all, its also not-so-nice to wonder where the f*&k am I going to store all this? Wonder not, my friends, the Belkin TuneSync Dock and 5-Port USB Hub is here, in all its multifunctionness and glorious, glorious white. The product didnt sell out, but 4,622 wooters brought their computers to the beach on labor day just to scoop one up.
Reebok Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch
Turns out the team over at woot are real sports nuts, or sports fetishists might be a better term. Either they really love the look of a good watch, or its been way too long since somebodys been um, well, yeah. The watch looks good and functions even better, giving ECG readings and keeping tabs on your heart rate, so you can maximize your workouts by staying in the zone. (and its only 25 bucks!). Seems wooters do more then sit at there computer, since the Reebok Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch sold out in less than 9 hours.

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