My daughter relocated to Austin, Tx recently. She had a webcam, I didn't. After a little research on Retrevo  which indicated that Logitech had the edge over Creative I headed over to Fry's. We have the good fortune (or bad) of having a Fry's five minutes from Retrevo World Headquaters in Sunnyvale , CA . I decided to splurge on the high-end Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000  and boy am I glad I did. Webcams have come a long way in the last few years. The QuickCam Pro 9000 has a CarlZeiss lens with autofocus circuitry, great low light sensitivity, and a built in microphone with echo canceling so you don't get a lot of feedback from your speakers. I have to say, with programs like MSN Messenger and Sightspeed that are super easy to use and add more video features like face tracking and zooming, it's a wonder more people don't use webcams over broadband for keeping in touch with friends and family. The only problem is the higher end webcams are so much better than the cheapo ones it could get expensive. On the other end, one round trip plane fare could pay for a family's-worth of webcams.

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