This year, the hot new feature in HDTV just might be "motion control motion enhancement," or MEMC. MEMC chips can help reduce blurring in fast-action programming like sports. This has been a differentiation between Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Plasma TVs have had fewer problems handling fast moving subjects than LCD TVs.  LCD TVs have countered with faster refresh rates (120 Hz) and faster pixel response times (8 ms. and lower).

MEMC promises to narrow the gap further. MEMC has been used for some time in the compression and decompression (CODEC) schemes but is a relatively new addition to HDTV sets. According to Bruce Berkoff who heads up the LCD TV Association, "Not all MEMC implementations are the same." Berkoff  thinks  Micronas' "truD HD" solution is superior to other designs.  Expect to see branded implementations of MEMC in future generations of LCD TVs. On the other hand, LED backlighting should make some of the anti-blur features unnecessary. 

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