DivineCaroline, the popular blog for women and flagship site of Real Girls Media Network, has just nominated Retrevo for a “Love this Site” award. Now what makes this so cool is who nominated Retrevo and what category they placed us into- FUN!

Now this category may be a surprise to some but for us it’s a great appreciation of the DivineCaroline Editors and Community for their ability to “get it” and recognize that shopping is fun and Retrevo is a fun place to shop. You see, we work very hard to provide a simple and fun experience between you and your products. We want you to have a fun time, whether you’re just (as my teenage daughter’s say) “hanging at the mall and checking out stuff” (I guess they mean window shopping :-), learning more about products you want to buy and finding the best stores, or looking for help from the community or the page in the manual that describes how to use the backlight feature.  Retrevo is your place for electronics.

We wanted to provide an experience women would enjoy, that they would find using Retrevo.com very fun and engaging. Unlike other sites that think the way to reach women is to just color their site in pink, Retrevo actually builds the experience into our products. We want USING Retrevo.com to be simple and fun, not just looking at it (we’ll I guess only if you like pink ☺). So to have the DivineCaroline community vote to nominate Retrevo for their “Love this Site” award for most fun site is very rewarding in itself.

This is just the nomination part; we’re on the short list if you will. To win we need votes. If you think Retrevo is a fun experience (and make sure to check out our Product Advisor) then we’d appreciate your vote. Just click the button below and vote for Retrevo! 

We couldn’t do it without you! 


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