OLED (Organic LED) first caught my attention at CES in 2007. See my post from that CES here. Subsequent to much fanfare with a 27" prototype OLED TV in 2007 and then at CES in 2008, Sony finally shipped a 11" (3 mm thin and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio) OLED flat panel TV earlier this year. Retailing at $2,400 and up, I won't quite call it a bargain. As you can see Retrevo's scientific assessment concurs with me on this one here for sony XEL-1.

So what's the point? Well, what Sony did was a good prototype demonstration. I can't imagine using a 11" flat panel TV much in my day to day life so this product is still confined to early adopters and geeks until the technology matures for larger display sizes. But here was an anouncement that caught my attention. Kodak announced a 7.6" OLED Digital Photo Frame a couple of days ago. Yes, at expected retail price of $999, it is no joke but if I had to own something OLED, with 2GB of built in memory, wifi and 180 degree viewing angle, this one passes the muster. Keep looking out for this baby on Retrevo, it should be shipping soon.

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