As consumers divert their attention from thanksgiving festivities and get ready for Black Friday marathon, where are they likely to be heading a few hours from now? Here are preliminary findings from Retrevo's real-time pulse:

  1. Did we think people won't buy HDTVs? Well, we would be wrong if we assumed that. Heavy interest in HDTVs. heavy interest in Sharp HDTVs at Sears, Samsung & Sharp HDTVs at Circuit City, Emerson TVs at Wal-mart and Dynex TVs at Best Buy, so expect long lines for these particular products.
  2. Laptops, Digital Cameras and GPS continue to perform well in these tough economic times. Wal-mart seems to be driving lot of people towards their super-aggressive deals on Kodak digital cameras. Sears and Best Buy not far behind with their Magellan and Garmin GPS super-deals respectively. Apple seems to dominate interest in laptops followed by HP and Lenovo.
  3. Camcorders, Desktops, Receivers etc are a distant third. DVD players surprisingly are garnering interest but not a very strong interest. It will be interesting to see if all the Blu-ray promotions result in consumer demand this holiday season or it that's going to be a Q1 phenomenon once people have bought their first HDTVs.
Keep tabs on the Retrevo blog, I will be posting regular updates until Cyber Monday.

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