We are pretty much done with the Black Friday. As I mentioned in my last report on Thanksgiving night, HDTVs were all the rage according to the Retrevo Pulse. Did this excitement continue through the Black Friday? Well, overwhelmingly yes. Two to one from unit volume perspective compared to Digital Cameras and GPS and six to one from dollar value perspective. Thank god, people are spending money on upgrading their analog televisions. How could they not, average selling prices of HDTVs have fallen almost 40% from the levels at the beginning of this year. Deep discounts from Sears and Circuit City (10%-30% of already lower prices) ahead of the Black Friday seem to be working in their favor driving lot of interest in Sharp, Samsung and LG HDTVs.

Digital Cameras and GPS are keeping their momentum on the Black Friday day with Laptops falling behind. Walmart, Sears and Kmart doing particularly well with their deep discounted Kodak, Olympus and a few Sony, Nikon, Casio and Samsung cameras. Best Buy and Sears keeping their lead on GPS products from Magellan and Garmin.

Laptops are now falling behind joining DVD PlayersReceivers and Camcorders for the third place.

Retrevo's overall assessment so far? Strong interest online in Consumer Electronics ahead of and on the Black Friday. No signs of big R. Whether this momentum continues through rest of the holiday season is still to be seen. Keep checking this Retrevo blog for regular updates.

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