Sony Playstation 3

  • The PS3 is a monster gaming machine!
  • A Built in Blu-Ray player for the console can keep him hooked onto the PS3 even if he doesn’t have any new games. You can also spend time with him playing games or watching movies in HIGH-DEF format on the couch with popcorn.
  • It is a great price for what it packs. Standalone Blu-Ray players go for around 200-300$ and the Ps3 with a 80GB is $399. Great Deal.
  • Looks super sleek for a Blu-Ray DVD Player.

Apple iPhone 3G
  • If he doesn’t have it already, an iphone
    will definitely make him happy
  • Iphone 3g is exclusive to AT&T at the moment.
  • Iphone boasts an intelligent design, life saving applications to download or buy, offers the look and feel of an ipod.
  • Basically, the Iphone can organize his life and make it more productive for work or for personal use. It looks cool too!

Western Digital 250GB My Passport external drive
  • A good looking small 2.5” external drive that can fit in his pocket.
  • Ideal for storing data and bringing it to and from work, places, etc.
  • He will greatly appreciate it if he is someone who likes to take photos, or is a person on the go. It will definitely make life easier.
    Best thing is that there is no power supply needed. It is Plug-N-Play just like a USB flash drive.

Samsung PN50A450
  • What’s good about getting him a PS3 if you don’t have an HDTV with high resolution output? This HDTV boasts a crisp, bright, and clear 50” widescreen.
  • It comes with the FilterBright technology that reduces glare and enhances contrast ratio with 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

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