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Before I headed back to the Bay Area, I made one more mad dash around the show and was very glad I did, because I think I got to see the future of TV and it is 3D. Two very impressive demos of 3D convinced me of that; one at the Samsung booth which uses a technology that doesn't require glasses but does make it necessary to look at the screen at just the right angle, and the other at the Intel booth that uses circular polarized glasses and offered clip from a Dreamworks movie that looked super sharp picture and clearly showed depth. You can watch a demo of the Samsung technology here

and the one from Intel here.

Samsung; The New Sony?

Speaking of Samsung; I am becoming a bigger fan of theirs every day. They had one of the biggest booths at the show. Here's a short video of their array of monitors at the entrance.

Inside the booth they had a wide assortment of products including their new MP3 Player call the Pulse (not to be confused with Retrevo's Pulse). Samsung's Pulse has an iTouch-like feel to it and looks like it could be fun to own. Here's a short demo.


Their big 42 inch touchscreen looks like it could have lots of interesting applications. Here it is used in a Coca Cola vending machine.


Gadgets and Gizmos Direct From the Far East

I always make sure I save time to wonder around the Asian pavilions where you'll find lots in interesting gadgets and gizmos like this toothbrush that beams infrared light into you mouth. They claim it has many benefits.

Or how about some speakers that look like hard boiled eggs...

Or these speakers made from eco friendly bamboo...

or this remote control with built-in IPTV keyboard...

and there is always no shortage of blinking LED light products including

these license plate message devices. When was that last time you wanted to say, "thank you" or something else that ends in "you," to the car behind you.

Tech Innovations and Mico Skirts at the Sands Convention Center

It was fun discovering all this cool stuff especially at the Sands Convention center where the tech gadgets compete with the Adult Video show. Here is some of the cool stuff I discovered there.

Aqua Power System's batteries are only available in Japan at the moment, but these batteries use a mixture of salts and other chemicals that allow them to charge when a liquid is added. The batteries are not fussy they'll charge with almost any liquid including Coca Cola or even human liquids. Here's a brief explanation at the booth at CES.


How about talking fruits and vegetables? Here they are; plastic fruit with built-in speakers:

This  portable TV from a Korean company includes a GPS so you can watch TV while you're stuck in traffic.

imogen studio, of Fremont, CA had some innovative webcam products. These products should be popular among parents who want to watch their kids, adults who want to watch their aging parents, pet owners who want to check in on the pooch, or even homeowners who might be able to watch the person robbing their house. Imogenstudio's new camera, that is still in bet, will have an associated iPhone app that will allow you to maneuver the camera as well as watch and listen. Here's demo from CES.

Inside the Robot pavilion, I had the opportunity to meet Paro the robot seal. This furry little creature responds to touch and interacts with humans so pleasantly that it has proven to have therapeutic value. Here's a video, be sure and listen for the coo'ing sound it makes.

Here's a novel, low-tech product that holds a cellphone against your ear. It gives new meaning to handsfree.

I checkout the emwave stress relief biofeedback device and was able to get the green (unstressed) light to come on and felt pretty relaxed as a result. It's an interesting product that they claim can help lower blood pressure among other health benefits. Here's a demo from CES


Final Prediction; 3DTV

3D is the technology to watch. We saw some technology demos this year. Next year we'll see a few more a year after that maybe some very expensive products and then many years from now consumers will be replacing their current HD sets with 3DTV and who knows maybe Super High Definition too.

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