Palm Returns to Its Roots as the Master of Personal Information Management

The big Palm event at CES brought out all the journalists, analysts, and venture community to see what the rumors of a new mobile platform were all about. Ed Culligan, President of Palm came on stage and presented the problem; everyone has difficulty managing all the information in their lives. The solution is their new Palm pre and web OS. My first reaction is it look s like possible contender but unless the developer community jumps on the bandwagon it may have a challenge taking away market share from the rest of the smartphone gang. The phone itself has all the standard smartphone features including a curved, QWERTY keyboard that slides out vertically which gives it the feel of a phone handset. It has a big touchscreen with some cool gesture-based UI features. Their synching solution is called "Synergy," and looks like an interesting method for pulling in data from sources like facebook and incorporating and consolidating that information in one device. It uses a card metaphor where you open, close and flip through cards. It looks like they built their own browser which has some cool zoom features and displays pages in an attractive way. My overall first impression is it has some cool innovative features and looks promising but how disruptive it will be is an open question. If the development environment is as easy to use as they say it is we could see a lot of iPhone apps get ported to web OS and that could help make this device a contender.

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this is doomed as Sprint a CDMA company will get it first. GSM is the way to go and Palm has dropped the ball big time. I waited all this time for a upgraded Palm phone to be told you can only have it if you switch to Sprint. Sorry Palm you lose


I think you are totally

I think you are totally wrong...there is so much competition for GSM based smartphones and very little for CDMA systems so there is huge void to be filled by Sprint customers who want an iphone and can't get one, and will wait for the third-party apps to come along. The Blackberry Storm is the real loser here...what were they thinking with that movable screen? Palm will have virtually no competition with Sprint customers in the US and Telus and Bell customers in Canada and by the time they bring out the GSM version, all the bugs will be ironed out and the apps will have grown. Great marketing on their part....and I'm calling my provider today to be put on a list for this phone when it arrives.

Check out this forecast in IT facts...
The global mobile handset market went into a tailspin in October and November 2008, which will result in a nearly 5% YTY decline in unit shipments in Q4 2008. While 2009 is likely to see more stormy economic weather, there are a few rays of sunshine. WCDMA handset shipments are projected to grow from 258 mln in 2008 to 725 mln in 2009. By 2013, more than 67% of all handsets shipped will be 3G/3G+ capable. Smartphones captured 14% of the 2008 market and are expected to grow throughout the challenging period of 2009 and comprise 31% of the market by 2013. Cellular modems will also be a high growth sector in 2009, driven largely by USB modems which will account for 80% of the shipment volume. Market volume is expected to increase by more than 55% in the coming year as Asian vendors push forward with low-priced modems, ABI Research says.


Re: I think you are totally

Developers are already on the bandwagon. :) Palm bought back garnet from ACCESS, which had compatibility with current apps, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the new webOS was using a lot of the same linux core that garnet did. Besides, the new Palm Mojo framework is all HTML, CSS, and Javascript - it will be ridiculously easy to build an application - even by amateurs.