I saw a couple of help products at CES that caught my eye. Citrix is adding a help package to their "Goto" franchise and appears that they have made remote control brain dead simple. You sign up for a day pass for $10, obtain a key, send the key to anyone you want to help, they go to a web site, enter the key, and the next thing you know you're controlling their computer. You can help as many computers as you want for the duration of the day pass. GoTo Assist is currently in beta and available to try for free for 30 days.

Norton/Symantec was promoting their PC tuneup service that runs from a free scan and analysis up to a $69.99 service that includes personal attention from a real live person who connects to you computer and helps make it run faster. Personally, I have always been a fan of  PCPitstop who has been scanning and diagnosing computers for years, but I'm willing to give Norton a try. Incidentally, I hear Norton's Antivirus 2009 has remedied all the problems with past versions and is one of the best packages to buy.

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